Monday, December 31, 2012

Collaboration Memoires d'antan

Collaboration Memoires d'antan by Mimi Concept and Angel's Designs
 is a freebie found at

Template Happy Times #4 is a freebie on

Photos by Piggy Toes Photography on Facebook.

Journaling by Azu "Betty" Espezia.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Bolero by KakleiDesigns

A beautiful musical, fantasy and nostalgic kit based in the latin romantic music. Bolero which are ballads sung from the heart.
The kit includes 10 gorgeous papers at 12x12 inches JPG 300dpi , 30 assorted unique elements at PNG 300dpi  and 2 beautiful clusters at PNG 300dpi

This beautiful kit is found exclusively at DDR!

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Tube found and music found as freebies on the Internet.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lavender Chic by Designs by Bridgit

Lavender chic kit is filled with amazing flowers, laces and vintage bits. 
Papers are slightly grunged and textured. 
Kit contains: 51 elements 9 papers Not all elements are shown on the preview. 


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Eudora Designs Template Freebie Happy Times 2 is available on her blog.

Photos by Chi Photography on Facebook.

Journalng found on Wikipedia.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

25% Sale on Saskia's Kits

C'est Noël... it's Christmas

25% off in all my stores / all my products

C'est Noël... it's Christmas
25% off in all my stores / all my products

Solstice d'Hiver by Saskia Designs

Voici le nouveau Kit de Saskia: Solstice d'Hiver
Parce que l'hiver s'installe doucement, que les arbres se dénudent, que la
nature se pare de blanc et que les couleurs sont plus hivernales, j'ai
décidé de créer un kit qui raconte le passage dans cette saison d'hiver
où les enfants aiment à jouer dehors et les parents se réfugier au coin
du feu

Il contient 15 papiers et 82 éléments scéniques et traditionnels.

Tout n'est pas visible sur le preview. Ombres et effets pour le preview

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Photo by Vintage Visions Stock @ Deviant Art.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter Nights by EMS Arts

In gorgeous winter colors of silver, brown and teal, and my largest ever (400 mb), as I love making photo scrapbooks using the same kit or color palette and this kit provides enough material for a full book. It has over 60 elements and 30 papers (28 in jpg and two in png format). I have also added a full frosty alpha!

Full size, 300 DPI, Personal use/scrap for hire/digital download and exclusive at CSD!

 This gorgeous kit is found exclusively at Cool Scraps Digital

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Photo by Perspectives Photography

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Template #39 by Saskia Designs

Template #39 by Saskia Designs can be found as a freebie on her Face Book.

Collaboration from Deslics and Joe G. Designs called Tendre Nature is a freebie at Digiscrapbooking. ch. if you sign up for the newsletter.

Photo by tiptop @ Deviant Art.

Word art by Sabrina's Creations

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Vintage Landscape by KakleiDesigns

In amazing soft purples and gold comes this vintage gem to suit all and every memory in your life. Frame your heritage feelings in this magical memory landscape...

The kit includes 13 gorgeous vintage papers of 12x12 inches JPG 300ppi and 67 assorted, unique, stunning elements at PNG format- 300ppi.


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Photo by Chi Photography

Thanks so much to dida for the GSO!

Blue Rhapsody - A Collaborative Kit

Glitter and shine, sparkles and lights, snowflakes and twinkling lights, the magic of winter. If you've ever been to New York City in the winter, the famous Rockerfeller Center is stunningly decorated with lights and sparkle. It's shimmery and gorgeous, and was the inspiration behind Blue Rhapsody. This gorgeous collection is brought to you by Designs by Brigit, Aimee Harrison Designs and Nibbles Skribbles
This stunning kit contains:

24 beautifully textured/patterned papers

81 gorgeous elements (79 unique, 2 include shadowed and unshadowed versions)

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This beautiful collaboration kit is available at DSS

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cold Winter by S. Designs


This kit is available

Currently it is a hurry!

Template, "Happy Times" Freebie 2 is available on Eudora Designs blog .

Photo by Veronicake @ Deviant Art.

Thanks so much Mary 11 for the GSO!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Winter Mask by KakleiDesigns

In amazing pale, soft greens, teal and white comes the magical beauty of  winter with a spoon of gracious masks, fantastic splendor and glamour,
an unique set to use for every occasion, the whole year...

The kit includes 13 papers of 12x12 inches-JPG-300ppi and 42 unique assorted elements at PNG-300ppi


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Grab this gorgeous kit HERE

The Blue Sea by Eudora Designs

          Available exclusively at Pickleberrypop